Survey won by Galadriel!


No comment needed, Galadriel will play on Kreation Project volume 2. Watch the page daily to get the latest news about the festival.


2008-05-15 kreative 15:42


Tickets available!!!


2 days festival ticket is available, see on the Tickets tab!


2008-05-04 kreative 19:35


New survey!



You see that there is a new survey on the page, and you see, there is the band Copy Con, that was in first sv. too. It is caused by that Copy Con has finished second in the first, so they get another chance :) 


2008-04-17 kreative 16:55


Voting finished!


Watch the page daily to know which band(s) will perform on Kreation Project!


2008-04-08 kreative 20:59


Just confirmed


--- Molotov Fight from czech republic playing thrash/hardcore is going to play on Kreation Project, on Friday.

--- Talea from Hungary playing folk/death metal and Abyss Of Sorrow playing thrash from slovakia are heading to Kreation Project volume 2.


 2008-03-14 kreative 17:26


Hello everyone


The festival named Kreation Project will be on 15th and 16th august, in Dolné Saliby, Slovakia. The main music genres that will be represented will be punk, alternative, and some kinds of metal. There will be two stages, the main stage, and the second stage. On the main stage, some larger bands will appear, like HétköznaPI CSAlódások (HU - punk), Macskanadrág (HU - punk), Hospital Bukra (SK - punk), and some others. On the second stage drummers and DJ-s will perform. Tickets can be bought by sending a request e-mail to Kreation Project´s adress (see: Contact), from 1st of May. Only two day tikcets will be sold by internet, one day tickets can be bought on the festival. The page and the news are updated weekly, from july daily.


2008-03-03 kreative 17:57